Maria Hitchins


Maria Hitchins is a cultural catalyst constantly expanding her creative roles, which include founder of Dancers of Jamaica, an award-winning dance advocacy network that showcases and celebrates all things dance, connected to Jamaica. She lectures at the Edna Manley College, where she created the first ever accredited tertiary Dancehall course in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Her artistic journey includes performances with acclaimed dance companies, musical theatre ensembles, international tours, major concerts and television productions, including former head of production at Reggae Entertainment Television (RE TV), producer of KFC’s On The Verge talent TV competition, as well as Movement Director for In The Dance TV Show, season 1 and 2. At present she is lead Content Creator for New York based Soundchat Radio & TV, and was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal as choreographer for Jamaica’s central bank (Bank of Jamaica) Low & Stable Inflation TV campaign, which sought to use the island’s pop culture to fiscally communicate with the citizens.

Miss Hitchins holds academic and professional credits in video production, Voice and Speech, Tourism Management and Education, while engaging in ongoing research of Jamaica’s street dancers.